Draft survey protocols

Clients entrust us with conducting specific surveys in collaboration with them. We begin with drafting a protocol that includes the methodology (sampling, respondents’ selection and tools for data management and analysis) as well as operational (recruitment and training of surveyors as well as supervision) and financial elements. Finally, a timeline is included and describes the beginning and end date of each stage of the survey process. The protocol is written in a language that is accessible to all.

Develop questionnaires

Based on a research question or problem matter, IHfRA’s experts in the related sectors assist clients in developing questionnaires that capture all the relevant issues at stake. These questionnaires are either entirely developed by our teams or they are updated and revised from clients’ versions. Moreover, we adapt the questionnaires to local contexts, translate them into local languages and use adapted instruments. We make sure to personalize questionnaires in a way that every study’s questionnaire is unique regardless of the country or sector.

Test questionnaires

We produce quality data thanks to our commitment to attention to details and conducting multiple reruns. Pre testing and piloting surveys before administrating them are an opportunity to identify incoherencies, pick up on mistakes, and revise the wording, structure of questions and multiple choice answers. IHfRA assists clients in designing logical and relevant questionnaires and ensures surveys’ effectiveness. Once the questionnaire is finalized, surveyors are briefed on the sections that were added or drastically changed to make sure of data quality and relevancy.

Produce investigative reports

At the end of the data collection process, IHfRA cleans the data and provides clients with a ready-to-use database. The database is supplemented by technical reports from the field, which highlight challenges experienced during data collection and the adapted quality control measures used to address these challenges. Our experienced statisticians work to deliver the data to our customers in the formats of their choice: STATA, SPSS, EXCEL, R, etc. Besides the database, we produce two types of reports based on clients’ needs: a description of the main findings or an analytical report of the findings.

Collect quantitative and qualitative data

Our company’s comparative advantage lies in the use of technology for data collection. Our statisticians program questionnaires for face to face interviews with software such as SurveyCTO / ODK, Survey Solution, CSPro and many others. We also conduct surveys electronically, especially via SMS, by collaborating with local mobile phone companies for the broadcasting of rapid surveys to the general public and the reception of answers. This innovative approach is beneficial and ensures availability of data in real time, time saving and reduced rates of error. IHfRA also has experience conducting focus group discussions.

Hire and train experienced surveyors

IHfRA compiles a database of enumerators from diverse backgrounds in various locations who are experienced and furthermore trained to conduct surveys according to standards and reference instructions. Depending on the project, they are qualified to conduct face to face and phone semi structured interviews as well as focus group discussions. For the purposes of data collection, they are sent to the locations where they are either originally from or have previous survey experience and speak the local language(s). They work in the required languages and make any transcript available to clients, when required.